Canceling Annual (Automatically Renewing) Membership

If you are canceling because our content no longer meets your needs:

  • That’s absolutely fine.
  • Thanks so much for being a member, we really appreciate it.
  • Scroll down for how to cancel easily.

If you are canceling because you are worried that we will:

  • Take money from your PayPal account or credit card without warning you.
  • Deliberately make canceling difficult, like some unscrupulous companies do…

You can stop worrying:

We have the easiest and most generous cancelation policy you will ever find:

  • We will always warn you by email five days before charging you for renewal.
  • If you want to cancel, just reply with “cancel” in the subject line to any email from us, and we will immediately do so, no muss, no fuss, no questions asked.
  • If for some reason you fail to get the renewal notification email, and are therefore automatically renewed when you would have preferred to cancel, just email us within 45 days of the charge, and we will refund the entire payment and cancel your membership—can’t be fairer than that!

Please Read…Important!

When you ask us to cancel, or cancel yourself at PayPal, your access to the site will end immediately. 

Cancel Me Now

OK, just send us an email at moc.duolcsnagrom@ofni and we will get it done.