Canceling Automatic Renew Membership

If you decide to cancel we will be sad and dive into the water to eat barnacles—the voyager’s equivalent of eating worms in the garden—but hey, it’s your money and we won’t stand in your way.

In fact, we even have instructions to make cancelation easy (below), but first here’s a detail you need to know:

Your account will be immediately deactivated, so if you still have a while to go on the year you have paid for, you will lose out.

Sorry, that’s the way that PayPal does it and we can’t change it. And, after all, you did get access to all of our content.

Having said that, if you wish, send us a message with your Paypal email address (we must have this) and we will manually reactivate your account for one year from your last payment.

See, we’re really nice people. Are you sure you want to cancel?

Really? Oh, OK, here’s how:

When you click on the link to PayPal in Step 1, this page will stay open in another tab in your browser so you can refer to it or, if you prefer, you can print it.

Step 1

Click to login to Paypal (top right corner of the PayPal screen):

  • Your Paypal email address and password may (and the password should) be different from that you use on our site.
  • If you have forgotten your PayPal email address, have a look in your inbox (including junk mail) for any notification you may have received from them, and it will be the email they used for you.
  • If you have forgotten your PayPal password, use the “Forgot your email address or password” link, under the PayPal login button.

Step 2

Click on the little cogwheel as shown below (red circle).


Step 3

  • Click on Payments.
  • The screen will change, then click on Preapproved payments.


Step 4

  • You will see a list of all your subscriptions.
  • Check for one that has “Attainable Adventure Cruising Ltd” under “Merchant”. That’s us.
  • Click on it.
  • Click on the cancel link (third line down under “Billing Details”).

You’re done. Now go feel guilty :-).

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