Canceling Automatic Renewal

You can cancel with a single click on a link at the bottom of this page. But before you do, please give us one minute to explain the benefits for YOU of automated renewal.

If you are worried that we will:

  • Take money from your credit card without warning.
  • Deliberately make canceling difficult, like some unscrupulous companies do…

You Can Stop Worrying.

We have the easiest and most generous cancelation policy you will ever find:

  • We will always send you a heads-up by email before charging you for renewal.
  • You can cancel auto-renewing at any time and still automatically remain a subscriber for the remaining time you have paid for.
  • And here’s the generous part: If for some reason you are automatically renewed when you would have preferred to cancel, just email us within 45 days of the charge, and we will refund the entire payment and deactivate your subscription—can’t be fairer than that!

Advantages of Auto-renewal

  • No messing with credit cards each year.
  • Your price will never, ever, go up.
  • You will always receive the same benefits you originally subscribed for, even if we go over to tiered subscriptions in the future.
  • Reduces administration costs, which helps keep the price low.

Makes sense, get me outta here

But if our content no longer meets your needs:

Thank you for being a member.

  • That’s absolutely fine.
  • Thanks so much for being a member, we really appreciate it.
Something went wrong. Cannot cancel subscription at this time.

Occasionally cancelation will fail (PayPal screw up). If so, just email us at moc.duolcsnagrom@ofni and we will cancel it for you.