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Gone Camping

Phyllis and I will be away next week RV camping with my daughter and her family, just as we did in the fall a couple of years ago.

For most of the time we will be in areas with sketchy cellphone data service, and anyway this is about family, not work.

So next week:

  • There will be no new article.
    • We have one on how to reduce your chances of getting clobbered by unexpected violent weather, at sea or at anchor, edited and all ready to publish as soon as we get back.
  • No Tips.
  • Member support will be slower than usual.
  • I may take a while to answer comments.

By the way, if you are a new member and wondering if us skiving off is a common occurrence, particularly since we took a week off in September too, you will be relieved to know that we have taken just five weeks off in the last four years.

That said, we are thinking of taking slightly more frequent vacations (holidays) in the future. Task maturity is a good thing, but so is the reinvigoration that often comes after a break.

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Richard Ritchie

I really do not think you should apologise.
I for one value the insight and thoughts that you provide, based on experience. That is what matters.
It is utterly immaterial whether they come weekly or sporadically. You are not trying to fill column inches. Keep up the value, keep down the volume!

Richard Foy

John, you could take a month off as there is such a plethora of information on your site to catch up on and reread if required, you deserve a break like everyone else, enjoy your camping!

Dale Archer

There is no substitute for quality family time, especially when grandkids are involved! Enjoy your holiday, we’ll be here when you return. BTW, I’m looking forward to your updated weather articles. There are so many new weather models out there now, it’s become overwhelming.

Carolyn Rosner

Honestly, enjoy the holiday! There is so much information on this website that people can dig around in. You are not leaving a horrible vacuum by not providing something new for a little while. Cheers!

Eric Ploumis

As someone who took five weeks off last year to sail from the Falklands to South Georgia Island, with no contact with anyone but those on my boat, missing my wife’s birthday, our anniversary, and American Thanksgiving, I would never begrudge you a week off with your family. PS: I did bring my wife a pair of penguin socks (fabric, not real penguin) form the airport gift store.

Darren Greenhalgh

take more time off john, you and phyllis deserve it!!!

Olivier Le Carbonnier

bonne vacances !