John’s Tips Tricks and Thoughts—June

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Only ten tips so far this month. The drop in quantity is nothing to do with waning enthusiasm for creating this type of content, but more about all the fun I’m having with our boat back in the water.

The good news is that I’m making notes and taking photos for a bunch of Tips and Articles to write and publish in the future.

Also, later in the month Phyllis got COVID, so a lot of my focus was on caring for her and trying to make sure she did not overdo it once she started feeling better—the hardest part. Anyway, I’m happy to say she seems over it, although still tired, and so far I have not succumbed.

With all that, the ten Tips we did publish have some useful stuff in them, including a navigation app to avoid like…a case of COVID, and a cool way to mix a buntline hitch with a splice.

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