John’s Tips Tricks and Thoughts—May

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Just 12 entries this month, but many of them are longer than in past months, so about the same amount of content.


As in past months, I’m continuing to figure out new ways to use the Tips area. The latest is if I’m writing an answer to a question in the comments that goes over a couple of paragraphs, I move both the question and answer to a Tip.

This way both get properly categorized and will come up in relevant searches going forward.

In the past month I have dug into an interesting boat-buy decision and twin rudders.

And, although not a question, I also highlighted an important comment from Eric Klem.

Planned Site Changes

A huge thank you to the members who helped Phyllis and me, in the comments to last month’s Tips article, figure out how to more intuitively integrate the Tips area into the site.

Our current thinking is:

  • The latest five Tips, Tricks and Thoughts posts will move to the New page, in a separate list under the new articles—all new stuff in one place.
  • We will add a list of Tips topics to the Topics page under the article topics.
  • Once we have that done, we will remove the Tips button from the main menu.
    • However, on every individual Tip, we will keep the More Tips, Tricks & Thoughts button that links to the all Tips page.
  • We will then add a Help button where the Tips button is now, with concise site-usage instructions, and maybe a video, to help members, particularly new ones, get the most out of the site.
  • And, finally, we will add a chapter at the end of each Online Book listing the relevant Tips.

Look for these changes next winter—the next five months are sailing-season, not coding-season.

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