John’s Tips, Tricks and Thoughts—December

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This month I have posted about new satellite communication systems of interest to cruisers, some tool stuff, as well as lots on other subjects.

This area of the site continues to evolve in good ways, most notably, it’s a great way to share wisdom that members post in the form of a comment to an article.

For example, check out this one on Starlink.

I’m also starting to use the area to announce changes, corrections, and updates to existing articles. Here’s an example.

Note that you can also see all of the recently updated articles here, and we have also added a button-link to that area at the bottom of the monthly digest email you all get.

In other news, I have started combing through the posts I did on the Twitter-based prototype system and reposting the best of them here. My thinking being that we don’t want to lose all that stuff if Elon succeeds in blowing up Twitter completely. And so doing will give you members a chance to add your wisdom, which never happened much on Twitter.

So if, in the next few months, you get the feeling of…

déjà vu all over again

Attributed to Yogi Berra

…that’s why.

Happy New Year to all.

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