John’s Tips, Tricks & Thoughts—September

I added a little over 20 entries in the last month, including;

  • Several on hurricane and storm preparation. Not surprising given the season.
  • A couple on small boats to buy, sail, and enjoy while waiting to go live-aboard cruising.
  • More on rigging and sail trim, a continuing theme since it’s my favourite thing about boats.
  • Several on tools I like and find useful.
  • Other random stuff that poped into my head.

The first two are acting as a useful scratchpad for in-depth articles I plan to write in the future.


I also answered a couple of questions from the comments. Much better than responding in another comment, since those always get lost to the point that even I can’t find them when the question comes up again.

With the new way, once there are enough answers on a given subject, I will curate and attach them to the applicable Online Book.

Quality Enhancer

The other cool thing is these entries provide new content for you members while I’m immersed in researching and writing a new Online Book chapter, without my feeling pushed to “get it out the door” just because we have not published an article for a week—better for my stress level, and better for the quality of the end result.

For example, this month I have put days and days into an in-depth chapter, including video, comparing in-boom, in-mast, and slab reefing mainsail-handling systems—a buyer’s guide including an Excel evaluation matrix. Look for that early next month.

Getting a Bit Longer

As I move away from the original Twitter prototype, I’m writing a bit more on many entries, but I think that’s a good thing, since an unfinished idea due to an arbitrary character limit is frustrating for both me and the reader.

That said, I am being careful to keep the entries short, and if they get too long, I will move them to the main article area.


If you have any thoughts, positive or negative, on how this is working out for you, please leave a comment below.

Note you can now comment directly on the actual entries themselves.

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Arne Mogstad

Just a complete endorsement of the way the tips and tricks section have turned out and everything you wrote in this article! It is definitely far along on the right track, if not pretty near perfect at this point!

I like the “tags”, the increased length, the ability to comment, the Q&A… Especially the Q&A since there might be good comments in articles that I’m not subscribing to (ref the radar one a few weeks back), and then I would miss it if you didn’t point it out here.

Stein Varjord

Hi John,

I’d also like to push the “Like” button on this whole section and your development.

Richard Ritchie

Quality trumps quantity (if I am allowed to use that word, now tarnished like “Truss” and “Boris”). Please, please don’t let yourself be put on a publishing treadmill. You never promised an article every week.