Adventure 40 September 2021 Report

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Check out the cool new insignia that member Scott Arnes designed.

Pascal and Maxime, the French partners who have taken on the Adventure 40 project, have been busy over the summer.

Done and Dusted

They have:

  • Completed the version 1 and version 1.01 specifications (based on the AAC specification) in French.
  • Had preliminary discussions with seventeen designers (Naval Architects).
  • Shortlisted seven designers as both qualified to design the boat and interested in doing so.
  • Identified 20 boatyards qualified to build the boats, and had preliminary consultations with many of them, together with potential equipment suppliers.

In Progress

During October, Pascal and Maxime plan to:

  • Complete the above Phase 1 tasks.
  • Fine tune the specification based on these preliminary discussions with potential designers and builders to produce a version 1.02.
  • Have said specification translated into English.

An Exciting Autumn

The really exciting time will be November and December, when we will publish the specification in English and then discuss it in the comments here at AAC.


I know, we all want a boat now. After the hell of a time we have gone through buying our new-to-us J/109, believe me, I totally get that.

But that’s going to take time.

In the meantime we can buy Adventure 40 swag to both promote the boat as walking billboards and enjoy wearing while we wait.

Phyllis and I have received our shirts. The quality is great, and Scott’s design stylish.

We at AAC don’t make a penny on the swag and Scott has kept the markup low so it’s all great value.

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Dick Stevenson

Hi John and all,
This is
exciting news. May it continue to go well!
As a
marketing notion: I know of three young couples who are pretty committed to
cruising widely, but are not close to actually doing so (jobs, children, $$). I
have been talking up the Adventure 40 and will accelerate my doing so in light
of your recent report.
They are in a nice position to sign up now, as they are looking at years before actual purchase. For some in this position, it might be motivation to put away some money with regularity making the end price not seem so formidable. Also, to me, the A40 is such a sure thing (when built) that it takes some of the angst out of the search for the “perfect” boat on down the line.
I am sure that many of us know of young people like this who would enjoy watching the A40 project grow alongside their ability to go cruising and to be on the ground floor of the project.
My best, Dick Stevenson, s/v Alchemy

John Cobb

I was about to ask…😉

Good news.