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My last update was back in June and it didn't contain a lot of great news, in that Erik had missed his self-imposed deadline of March to complete the plans and specifications to the point that the prospective builder could quote on the project.

Fast forward to October when I received an email from Erik with the following news:

I have not visited the yard, not enough progress was made on my side of the project to justify another meeting with them.

This despite the fact that at the time he was visiting the same country the yard was located in.

The Reality

No, I was not best pleased. Having said that, before we get too hot under the collar, we all need to keep in mind that to date Erik is not being paid.

On the other hand, we also need to recognize the reality: we have not published anything meaningful about the Adventure 40 since the Interior Design post of November 2014—the last time I received anything from Erik that was in complete-enough form to write about.

And at the same time I got the above news from Erik, I also learned that he is planning an Open 60 Vendee Globe campaign for 2020, a development that made me doubt that he will have time for the Adventure 40 going forward—most Vendee Globe skippers' lives are dominated for years before arriving on the starting line by the search for sponsors, training, and boat preparation.

More Issues

Further, you will remember that back in May I stated that I did not want to end up managing this project. But nonetheless, that's what started to happen.

For example, Erik and I were getting into some significant differences of opinion about what was and was not appropriate gear and construction techniques for the boat, to the point that these discussions were cutting into the time I should have spent attending to my real job: creating and editing the best content I can for the members of this site who pay my salary.

No Way Forward?

All of this kicked me into a lot of thinking about this project that is now nearly five years old and that I have invested hundreds of hours of time and a boatload of creativity on.

Frankly, my first inclination was to simply say screw it, take all the Adventure 40 chapters down, and get on with my life and running this site...and I may still do that.

But maybe there's a better way.

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