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Still Life Of Maine

John posted a while ago about Shelly, our Charleston friend with the amazing voice, and her husband Dave, the drumming anaesthesiologist. Then I received two emails from Norwegian friends who connected me with paintings and photographs that celebrate the beauty of the Norwegian landscape. Which all served to get me thinking of other artists who have crossed our pelagic path.

We first connected with Stephanie and Scott at Billings Diesel & Marine in Stonington, Maine. Our sailboats were neighbours in the yard there. The history of our meeting varies depending on who you ask—Scott says he made the first move, we’re sure we initiated contact. I don’t think we’re ever going to resolve that one but it makes for fun cocktail hour debates!

Back to Art

Stephanie’s still life and botanical paintings, inspired by coastal Maine, are created from the real object, not a photograph. For example, when painting lobsters, she freezes the lobster, paints as long as she can before it thaws, and then freezes it again. Though to me every lobster looks the same, to Stephanie there is a world of difference in the details.

We have a copy of the beautiful book she produced a few years ago and a print of one of her works, which we are planning to hang on the boat. What a marvellous combination: a beautiful piece of art that is imbued with the warmth of friendship, hung on the bulkhead of the boat that made the connection with the artist possible.


Are you an artist or have you met artists on your pelagic journeys? If so, please leave a comment, hopefully with a link so we can all enjoy your/their work.

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