Q&A: Which Paper Charts For Iceland?

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Question: The cruising guide for Iceland contains a list of Icelandic charts. Comparing that with the US chart catalog, the Icelandic coverage is much more extensive. Is it practical to expect to purchase charts in Reykjavik for the remainder of our Icelandic sailing? Are they in stock? Reasonable cost? Or would you recommend that I order all the coverage I need from the US catalog and add a few detail charts on arrival as I see fit?

Answer: US charts of Iceland are poor in comparison to the Icelandic ones, which are great. The US ones will get you into Reykjavik but that is about it. I would not want to approach any other part of the coast using them. When we were in Reykjavik in 1997 pretty much all of the Icelandic ones were available at the chart agent, but they were not cheap—nothing in Iceland is! I don’t remember the exact price.

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