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Lin and Larry Pardey need no introduction to most sailors. If you don’t know who they are, check out their ‘Cold Hard Facts’ page; if you want to know where they are and what they are up to, check their ‘Where Are They?’ page; if you want to get some cruising tips from a couple who have been out there for 40 years, you can visit their ‘Cruising Tips’ page; and, if you want to purchase one of their 10 books or 9 videos, you can do so right on their site.
John Neal and Amanda Swan Neal provide sailing instruction, personal voyage consultancy and lead expeditions on their boat Mahina Tiare.
Though it is now under new ownership and being further developed by World Cruising Club, this site is based on Jimmy Cornell’s work on the global cruising scene and on his best-selling books World Cruising Handbook and World Cruising Routes.
If you want to know everything, and I do mean everything, about what is going on in the marine electronics industry, you may wish to put Panbo on your regular reading list.
The Royal Cruising Club’s Pilotage Foundation has developed their website to showcase their pilots and cruising guides but also to provide online passage planning support.
You can buy Steve and Linda Dashew’s incredibly complete books on all things offshore cruising on this site. It is also a treasure trove of general cruising information.

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