This and That–March

The publishing team here at AAC world headquarters is ready for spring. We have some other news too.


As an ocean sailor, or an aspiring one, we are sure you are as concerned as we are about the rampant overfishing of the world's seas. But there is some good news: you can eat fish sustainably and avoid dosing yourself with horrible industrial toxins at the same time. Learn how from this book.

Still Life Of Maine

So much of what is wonderful about voyaging is the people you meet...and sometimes the art they make.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

It's a time of year when all of us, hopefully, are focused on the things that really matter, family, friends and life direction, and Colin has the perfect post to fit into that. Don't miss it. I promise it will make you think and it might just change your life.

Salty Dawg Rally—What The Hell?

I suspect that this post is not going to make me popular, but I’m seething about what’s happening with these rallies and offshore voyaging in general, so here goes—brace yourselves. What the heck is going on here? As I understand it, 116 boats were registered in the Salty Dawg Rally and at least five of [...]

Funny the triggers that get me thinking about larger issues. A few weeks ago, while we were visiting Bermuda and out with friends on the water, we passed the house in the picture above. It’s a pretty nice house. It shares an island in Hamilton Harbour with several other private residences. It has a small [...]

This and That—November

It’s amazing how often we see this: an otherwise substantial anchoring set up totally compromised by one small detail. Can you spot it? Please leave a comment. Just to keep things simple, I’m only talking about the starboard anchor. Colin, AAC European Correspondent, and Louise, Colin's partner in sailing, business and life, have a new [...]

When Bureaucracy Runs Amok

A while ago, we got an email from an American reader who wanted to know where he could clear Canada Customs in Nova Scotia. He had searched Canada Customs’ (Canada Border Services Agency—CBSA) website and couldn't find an answer. So, thinking he must have just missed the relevant page, I spent a long time searching [...]

The Definition of Seamanship

We offshore sailors tend to throw the word seamanship around with gay abandon, but what does it really mean? I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Here's my definition.

Benefits of Multihulls

Now there's a benefit of multihulls that I hadn't thought of. By the way, I don't write much about multihulls simply because I haven't had any experience with them since I skippered a head-boat catamaran around Bermuda some forty years ago as a moonlighting job when I was a barely-making-it sailmaker. We used to load [...]

AAC Writers and Editorial Policy

We have always believed that robust, but always polite, debate makes all the participants better seamen. Today we codify that in a formal editorial policy.

Big Lift

I have heard of "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut", but...

Where Do Old Race Boats Go To Die?

We went for an after-dinner stroll in Lunenburg last evening and found the old Volvo 60, Amer Sports 1, alongside the visitor float. In her day, early in the millennium, she represented the pinnacle of high tech racing machines, designed and built to be sailed in the Volvo fully crewed around the world race by [...]

Forward Into The Past

Most of our regular readers will know well that I am a dedicated fan of metal boats, so the following post may come as something of a surprise. For although Lou and I chose aluminium for our own voyaging boat, I still retain a love of wooden boats—aesthetically at least—particularly the honest, robust gaff-rigged wooden [...]

Coming To a Remote Spot Near You…

In my experience long distance cruisers are great lovers of the marine environment, whether it be clean seas, marine wildlife or their favourite wild places. If that is indeed true, we’d be the last people to want to cause harm to pristine places, either deliberately or unwittingly. And yet, as I recently learned, the latter [...]

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