Lunenburg Waterfront of an Evening

I don't know about anyone else, but after my last three posts, two on yacht losses and one on the Adventure 40, I'm feeling like it's time for some lighter fare. Last weekend, after a long day updating the software that runs this website and other general AAC housekeeping chores, I grabbed my all time favourite [...]

Fall Travel

We just got back from two weeks working on Morgan's Cloud, to get the jump on the spring to-do list. It was good to get our hands dirty again. While we were there, we continued our project to learn more about motorboats. But don't panic, we're going to be sailors for a while yet. More in [...]

Holiday (Vacation) Photographs

We’re baaaack! AAC seems to have survived being hove-to for a week, I’m pleased to say. Here are some photographs to look at while we let-draw and trim the sheets. The first part of the slideshow continues my fascination with commercial fishing and is photographs I made of two lobstermen having their boat hauled at [...]

The Cure for Gerbil Brain

I sometimes suffer from an affliction I have come to call Gerbil Brain. I'm sure none of you are thinking that this refers to the size of my brain are you? No, I thought not. Gerbil Brain is usually brought on for me by dealing with way too many details, usually in front of a [...]

Question: How do you make great travel photographs? Answer: F8 and be there. Ok, it’s an old one. And I guess it applies to just about any kind of travel. But somehow the voyaging life that I have lived for over twenty years seems, at least to me, to yield more, and more wonderful, photo [...]

Charleston With Travel Photography Tips

Chapter 7 of 9 in the Online Book Photography For Cruisers

Now we are going to get to the hard stuff, the stuff we all have to work at for our entire photographing lives: composition and lighting. Hard yes, but John has made it more interesting and fun by using photographs in a slideshow to illustrate each tip.

Happy Holidays to All

Wow, it has been quite a year for Phyllis and me. Sort of reminds me of the movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral. Only in our case it was one wedding, a funeral and an incredible Arctic voyage. OK, the simile was a bit of a stretch, but I needed a first paragraph. Like last [...]

Photo Short—Meaningful Voyaging

Marcel Proust wrote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” John and I are slowly learning the lesson that exciting cruising doesn’t mean we have to go to the Arctic—we can take great walks, make cool pictures, meet neat people, and enjoy ourselves wherever we are. [...]

The Best Camera Is The One You’ve Got

Chapter 1 of 9 in the Online Book Photography For Cruisers

For most casual photographers a small point and shoot is the best option, not least because you are more likely to be carrying it when you come across a great shot. But how do you choose among the scores of offerings?

John takes you through the features that matter and recommends a specific camera.

Cruising, The Unexpected Fun Experiences

We were tied up alongside a fishery wharf in northern Newfoundland when the roar of powerful engines brought us tumbling up from below to see two seine boats attached stern to stern by a thick line and both at full throttle. Now I have heard of truck pulls in the USA and our own Nova [...]

I first sailed to Labrador back in 1993, but even that visit was part of a cruise that included circumnavigating Newfoundland, which is enough all by itself for one summer. Since then we have visited parts of Labrador on five other cruises, but always as a way stop on the way to or from Greenland [...]

Humpback Whale Encounter

In the spring and early summer in the northern North Atlantic, a small herring-like fish called capelin comes inshore to spawn and many larger animals have a feast. During our trip north we had seen several pods of humpback whales feeding on the capelin, but only in the distance. Two days ago, while threading our [...]

A Winter In Charleston

Well here we are, back at Billings Diesel & Marine, Morgan’s Cloud’s “home” boatyard in Stonington, Maine—1000 nm, 5 overnights, and 21 days since leaving Charleston [I wrote this on April 21st]. We really thought that, after all the work we did on the boat over the winter, we’d be able to sail directly to [...]