Photography: My Big Iron Is Gone

Deep down I had known this day was coming ever since I picked up my new favourite camera, but it took me quite a while to get over my 20-year relationship with big DSL gear--first film, then digital. Anyway, after a year of never getting my Canon kit out of the bag, I did it.

The Ultimate Cruiser Camera

Chapter 4 of 9 in the Online Book Photography For Cruisers

If you are serious about telling the story of your travels and voyage in images, this post, about the best camera I have every used, is for you.

And, for those not interested in the ultimate travel photographer's camera, with the price to match, I have some thoughts about alternatives.

Wildlife Photography—The Gear

Chapter 5 of 9 in the Online Book Photography For Cruisers

Up to now in this book John has written about cameras for general travel photography, but what if your interest is wildlife? Well, then, Colin is your man and in this chapter he zeroes in on the gear you need to make great images of wildlife from a boat.

The Best Camera Is The One You’ve Got

Chapter 1 of 9 in the Online Book Photography For Cruisers

For most casual photographers a small point and shoot is the best option, not least because you are more likely to be carrying it when you come across a great shot. But how do you choose among the scores of offerings?

John takes you through the features that matter and recommends a specific camera.