Crash Testing a Relationship—Part 2

Chapter 6 of 6 in the Online Book Getting Along With Your Crew
Why can't it always be like this? HR

Why can’t it always be like this?

[Colin continues the tale that he started last week of his and Louise’s intentional relationship test by fire.]

Fortunately a residual sense of self-preservation had kicked in at the last minute, and we dragged ourselves away from the party while we still could, but it was a less than lively crew who staggered on deck the next morning.

First light again to catch the tide for the next leg down to Carlingford Lough. Luckily for us the wind was light, the visibility good and the engine reliable, so despite having to hand steer it could have been a lot worse. Our off watches were spent in peaceful oblivion recovering from the previous night’s revelries, and the hours slipped by until we entered the calm of the Lough before coming to anchor just west of the marina.

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